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Turning 40? Hang Out at the Beach!

Today at 40, I was walking on the beach trying to find the bathroom and I ended up walking so far that I was out of breath. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to die. I said, “Lord, I’m trying to do the right thing. I don’t want to drink to erase my pain now. I want the ocean to calm me down today, I can drink at dinner.” I pulled myself together and enjoyed the beach even though I had to pee like a race horse.

I brought my watercolor pencils. They’re nice, Carand’ache 12 Color Classic Set. I brought those and some Strathmore Colored Pencil Paper. I drew the ocean in front of me. I was there in the afternoon so there was a rainbow of colors coming up. There was yellows, reds, purples, greens, blues, and browns. There was white foam that came up with each wave as it crashed against the shore. I felt so relieved to have my soul renewed by nature.

A group of Millennials came and sat next to me, about 10 feet away. They came in with their instruments and played their m…

1 Tender Tip from Love at Bar Height

I’ve started letting go of feelings I had for someone a couple days ago. I was talking with a friend and she said,

 “Sometimes we meet people so we can grow. And in order to grow, we must go through pain.”
Just two years ago I would have flown off the handle if someone told me that. I have felt strong connections with men before. Most I had little to slight real life interaction, racking up unrequited love like checks with no balances. Spending my time lusting and trusting that at some point there would be love between me and my crush.

I don’t allow myself to fall in love anymore, until recently when I fell head over heals over someone I only knew for a few months. Falling in love this time was different.

I talked to this person more often than most men I thought of in this way. He was gracious and kind, but that’s his job he’s a bartender. And I thought, “He’s being nice to me to get big tips.” And then I saw how he treated everyone else, both men and women with so much respect. Tha…

28 Creative Ways to Deal with Disappointment in love

As a woman nearing my 40th Birthday on March 28 I think about how far I’ve come and how much farther I need to go in life. I have Bipolar Disorder and am stable. I’ve been on Medication since 2006 and can count on 10 fingers the amount of days I haven’t taken them. So naturally I thought, Hey, maybe I should try dating again. Don’t want to be single for the next 40 years.

A little background here, I haven’t dated in 8 years. The longest I dated a man was 2 weeks. And I’ve kissed men, but have not hooked up once.

I’ve saved myself because I haven’t had many chances to date, at least that’s what I tell myself. Most men my age are married and have children, and have tried to pick me up despite that.

Men at bars and bookstores have picked me up over the years and all those opportunities to date have ended up being absurd and scary.

What are the odds that I would find the guys who don’t have everything they thought they’d get by 40?

So, now that I’ve said that, here are 28 creative way…

Paper Beads, As You Wish (Jewelry Crafts Tutorial)

Just the paper bead tutorial for people who want to have a bead assortment on hand to use for jewelry crafts. A combination of cardstock and magazine paper from theater programs make unforgettable moments live everyday.

If you would like to see what project I am using paper beads for, learn more in this post:

Have You Ever Locked Your Keys In The Car? Here's What To Make So It Never Happens Again.

If you read the article related to this project and this sounds like something fun to learn, let's get started!

List of materials: (Yes it's a long list,  but its worth using all of these materials for this process of making these strong beautiful beads.) 
Cardstock 8.5” x 11” (Michaels)

Magazine Paper (Theater Program, Playbill)

Paper Trimmer with Sliding Blade (Fiskars)

Non-stick Safety Scissors (Fiskars)

Cocktail Straws (Any brand)

Pink Soap Brush Cleaner (Speedball)

Freezer Paper (Reynolds, optional to lay down and keep space clean)

Small Cups with Lids (Diamond Daily)


Free Web Apps for Productivity

Here is a place for Apps designed by me just for you to boost your productivity in a fun way. Have at it!

Time and Write Generator

Words Sprints Minutes
50 2 10
100 3 20
150 4 30

Press down on the button of your mouse and roll over the grid to get your random numbers. You can also use the highlight function on your tablet to get the same result.

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