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Freshen Up Your Writing: Outline to meet Word Count for Deadlines

Freshen Up Your Writing: Outline to meet Word Count for Deadlines

Hi Writer friends,
Why Meet Word Count?
It’s November again, National Novel Writing month, i.e. NaNoWriMo only has one more week left and people need some way to get through the slog and finish their word count goal of 50,000 words, the length of a short novel.

November 30th is the deadline for NaNoWriMo. Though any deadline can be met with this refreshing way to reach word count. Any word count goal large or small can be met with this outlining method that is flexible and fluid.

If you are writing a novel you may find it more helpful to break up your word count goal into 1,000 words as novels have word counts in Thousands. For NaNoWriMo, 50,000 words in a month is quite a task. Sneaking 50 words at a time breaks it down and adds up especially if you write in short bursts of time.

What to Meet Word count For.
NaNoWriMo is only a few weeks long and if people want to reach their word count, they need a system in place…

Free Web Apps for Productivity

Here is a place for Apps designed by me just for you to boost your productivity in a fun way. Have at it!

Time and Write Generator

Words Sprints Minutes
50 2 10
100 3 20
150 4 30

Press down on the button of your mouse and roll over the grid to get your random numbers. You can also use the highlight function on your tablet to get the same result.

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