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Zen Mandala, Hand embroidery. Letting go of "Where's Mine?"

Note: This is a compilation of three blog posts I wrote in 2015 that I am putting into one post. All pictures from the other posts are now in this updated last blog post on this subject. This is my first tutorial and I've got more on the way. See ya, soon.
Phase 1 Hello everyone,
Here are some pictures of my progress on one of my hand sewn mandalas. I started it a couple of days ago. I've enjoyed working on it, yet it is in the middle now... and it's dragging a little which is to be expected. There is a lot more that needs to be stitched to make the design complete.
I'm using 4 colors right now and am thinking of adding a couple more. I'm keeping it as an analogous color scheme from the color wheel. Green, Blue, and Purple. I may add a complement of one of these colors as well. I have also used a neutral gray for the sketched outline. It is actually sketched in thread, free hand. I did not draw any lines.
It's my first attempt, so it's a bit uneven. I'm turn…

Free Web Apps for Productivity

Here is a place for Apps designed by me just for you to boost your productivity in a fun way. Have at it!

Time and Write Generator

Words Sprints Minutes
50 2 10
100 3 20
150 4 30

Press down on the button of your mouse and roll over the grid to get your random numbers. You can also use the highlight function on your tablet to get the same result.

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