Detective Work: A Wandering Muse Tarot Reading

Hi everyone,

I’ve used a spread formerly named the Divine Inspiration Tarot Spread; however I felt that sounded to biblical, so I decided to call it the Wandering Muse Spread Instead. Since the original Spread was inspired by creativity, I felt that was the best new name for it.

The spread contains four cards plus one bottom of the deck card and one oracle card. The first row of cards contains a past, present, and future. The other two cards represent the soul path of the person and the theme of their life. The oracle card ties everything together. This spread makes a great character study exercise for writing fiction.

The reading:

With Justice reversed for the past of the character, keywords and phrases are excessive force, and detective.

With the Page of Pentacles reversed for the present of the character, key phrases are unfavorable news and wasting time.

With the Ace of Pentacles for the future of the character, a key phrase is speedy intelligence.

With the soul of the character being the Knight of Swords reversed, keywords and phrases are lack of strength, and lack of power.

With the theme of his life being The World the key phrase is change of place.

For the Oracle, “You might not know now but you will.”, the key phrase is think of someone you love and love them as you love yourself and as God loves you.

The character sketch:

He is a detective who uses excessive force in his work. He gets into some fights as a result.

There’s some bad news. He spent time fighting with the wrong suspect.

Somehow word got around of what happened and someone on the force took his strength and power from him.

He uses power against those who are weak and now it’s catching up with him.

He wants to escape.

The only way he can is if he acknowledges his part in victimizing people who weren’t suspects and begins a path to make what’s wrong, right by the force.

As you can see this spread an easy yet insightful way to come up with characters for a novel or short story.

Until next time, see ya’ on the small screen.

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

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Honesty Takes Hold: A Twin Flame Tarot Reading

Hi friends,

I’ve made a spread of eleven cards, as 11:11 is the symbol for Twin Flames. One couple is covered in each Twin Flame Spread that I do. There is a masculine part on the right side, a feminine part on the left side and the theme is in the middle from top to bottom represented by the card on the bottom of the deck and the oracle cards. The terms masculine and feminine are used at the beginning to establish that this relationship can be same sex or opposite sex, then man and woman are used for ease of writing and reading. This blog post contains a whole reading just like I offer in my shop. Also I call on Angel Uriel and my guides Mombasa, Chuck, and Cal to do the reading. This work is fictional and is intended for entertainment only. Here it is...

For the Masculine: With the Three of Wands, Ace of Wands, and Knight of Pentacles, Key words and phrases are effort, credibility, sending messages, creation, intention, money, birth, responsibility, decency, and honesty.

For the Feminine: With the Eight of Cups Reversed, Ten of Cups Reversed and Eight of Swords Key words and phrases are great joy, feasting, false heart, irritation, hurt pride, crisis, conflict and embarrassment.

For the theme of the union, the undercurrent: With the Five of Cups Reversed, keywords, and phrases are return, alliances, and false projects. With the Four of Pentacles for the man, key words and phrases are possessiveness, owning possessions, gifts. With the Knight of Wands for the woman, key words and phrases are departure, flight, and change of residence.

For the writing prompts oracles “Pucker up Buttercup” and “You Have More Options than You Realize.” Key phrases are, being kind makes you a love magnet, and if you’re angry, think of all the reasons you love them.

Before the Union

In the past, the man made lots of effort to make sure he backed up his words by walking the talk he gave to people. He may have been a motivational speaker.

In the past, the woman found great joy in eating; perhaps she was a food critic.

Upon Meeting Each Other

The man creates his own wealth. In relationships he is devoted to women he loves and see’s the unborn children in their eyes.

The woman has been hurt in the past by men who stopped communication with her and never spoke to her again. She didn’t realize how sharp her words were.

In Union

The man is honest, perhaps to a fault. As a motivational speaker his words move people to do what they need to for their lives to create wealth. He feels he has earned his way to being a good role-model and expects that his woman will be at his beck and call. He is possessive and his career is who he is.

The woman often causes friction as a food writer. Too many bad reviews have left her in a place of feeling like she is difficult to please. She feels like she wants to run away from the conflicts she causes with her brutal honesty.

There is an undercurrent of this couple not following through on the projects for their mission. In order to make this work they need to acknowledge that they both have gifts in using words to move people. They need to work together on their mission as friends before any romantic love can happen. However love that is unconditional can add to the meanings of their projects for their mission.

Final words

He built his

wealth with

the gift of gab

and the ability

to show people

how they can

use their gifts

to get rich.

She built her

reputation as

a foodie with

A forked tongue.

Though she lived


with her income,

she became


to other people.

They mirror each

other in how they

motivate people.

She is critical

as he is motivational.

They both need to

balance their gifts

and find the right

blend of tough love

to deliver to the


These two are both hard to please in life. In the bedroom, perhaps they need to give each other massages to be more receptive to giving and receiving of love between the sheets. 

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A Sense of Place: Twin Flame Union Tarot Reading

Here is the video with the reading:

A Sense of Place: Twin Flame Union Tarot Reading

I’ve made a spread of eleven cards, as 11:11 is the symbol for Twin Flames. One couple is covered in each Twin Flame Spread that I do. There is a masculine part on the right side, a feminine part on the left side and the theme is in the middle from top to bottom represented by the card on the bottom of the deck and the oracle cards. The terms masculine and feminine are used at the beginning to establish that this relationship can be same sex or opposite sex, then man and woman are used for ease of writing and reading. This blog post contains a whole reading just like I offer in my shop. Also I call on Angel Uriel and my guides Mombasa, Chuck, and Cal to do the reading. This work is fictional and is intended for entertainment only. Here it is...

For the masculine: With the Nine of Wands, Seven of Swords, and Two of Cups Reversed, key words are, delay, suspension, attempt, wish, hope, misunderstanding, and madness.

For the feminine: With The Sun, Knight of Cups, and Two of Pentacles, Key words and phrases are, contentment, good marriage, proposition, agitation and trying to balance career and love.

For the theme of the union, the undercurrent: With the Nine of Pentacles Reversed the key words are fickle, deception, and unreliable. Represented by the Ace of Pentacles Reversed, key words for the man are no common sense. Represented by The Hierophant, key words for the woman are doing the right thing, mercy, servitude.

For the writing prompts oracles are “I heart you” and “You know what to do”: Key phrases are, know how much you are loved and go with your heart and intuition, don’t over think the situation.

Before the Union

In his past he put off dealing with women in a good way, and instead he didn’t take into account his woman’s feelings when it came to working on problems that came up. He attempted and hoped things would work out the way he wanted them to by showing off his fighting skills...or more like being abusive. He often misinterpreted his woman’s words and took them personally. He is afraid of commitment.

In her past she was married. In her present she could still be. She has propositioned men who crossed her path before and it is no different now. Perhaps she feels her marriage is lacking something. She wants to balance her career and marriage. Her husband could give her so much love he is smothering her.

Upon Meeting Each Other

What the man needs to work on is that he currently has no common sense when it comes to dealing with women. He could be immature. He may have anger issues. He needs to channel that anger into something productive and through doing that he could learn some common sense when it comes to nurturing his woman, and the mission.

What the woman needs to work on is she may have to learn to do the right thing when it comes to love. She needs to be honest with her husband about why she wants to leave him and when she does leave him she must realize that her man, her twin flame, is sensitive as well. She must show him mercy when he tries to do the right thing and correct him gently. In doing so they will be able to work on their mission together more smoothly.

In Union

They could end up unfaithful to each other if they allow their words and actions to agitate each other. This is a true star-crossed match. They are both wavering when it comes to faith in relationships. Perhaps their mission requires they become faithful to each other and that they bring that energy into their mission.

They must each tell each other how much they love each other everyday so they can work together to complete their mission. They must not get caught up in how or why they do something, but what they do and when they show up to do it. All in accordance with the universe.

Final words

He had no sense

of place.

He never felt

at home

with any woman

he’d ever

been with.

Though she

was content in her marriage

she knew it

couldn’t last

as she felt

there was

something that

would satisfy

her want for

a good argument

once in awhile.

They come from

murky places

and need to


the crumbles

of their

own pain points

to make things

work as needed.

Perhaps those two need to talk dirty to each other as they are fumbling when they undress collapsing into each other's arms, ready to face the day as a faithful couple.

The Beginning

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Talk Thursday, Twin Flame Tarot Tale "All Worked Up" in Shop

Here is something I thought you would like. A General Tarot Reading that is written as if it is just for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

All the listing information is in the description in my shop:

Here is a link to the listing:

"All Worked Up" A Tarot Tale by Sketchwriterjess

"Love at the Craft Show" Tarot Reading with Journal Writing

This video features a moon energy reading with two cards and an oracle card, two oracles fell out this time.

It's a silly film. Fun is much needed during the moons pain mongering. If you enjoy silly, this is for you.

"Outdoor Spiritual Union" Twin Flame Tarot Reading and Writing Prompt

Twin Flame Love Tarot Reading and Writing Prompt. Think of two people on a mission to give people something they can enjoy outdoors. Its special.

"Leap and Something Will Appear" Tarot Journal Writing Mental Health

This film is about why it's important to set goals. "Leap and Something Will Appear" by Jess aka Sketchwriterjess (Jessica B. Hensley), is made for people who have a mental illness. It's also good for people with relatives who have a mental illness. She gives insight on what she deals with and it could help you understand a little more about mental illness and steps to help get back on the road to mental health.

She invites you to write with her at her table. All are welcome.

"Love Upon a Stage" Tarot Star-Crossed Sunday

Good information for writers looking to build characters for a love story. Also some theory on twin flame relationships.

"Consistency Time" Oracle Talk Thursday

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"A Thorn in Her Side" Tarot Wisdom Wednesday

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"Courage and Heart" Tarot Twin Flame Tuesday

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"Loyalty Questioned" Tarot Mental Health Monday

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"Desperately Seeking Union" Tarot Star-Crossed Sunday Twin Flames

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Twin Flame Tarot Spread Writing Prompt: “In the Eye of the Storm”

Twin Flame Tarot Spread: “In the Eye of the Storm”

The Twin Flame Tarot Spread consists of a masculine side, a feminine side, and an underlying theme card that sheds light on the situation. The masculine and feminine sides each have a past, present, and future starting from the bottom up on each side. The theme card is from the bottom of the deck and sits above the masculine and feminine spreads.

This spread allows people to see how the masculine feels and how the feminine feels and why they are together or separated. The theme card is important to this spread because it joins the two halves of the soul together, though it could be two souls as well. There is some debate on that.

One thing this spread may not be able to tell is what the mission of the Twin Flames relationship is. Perhaps a clarifying card for the theme card can be pulled. The card under the bottom card of the deck. I think I will pull one next time I do this.

Here are the cards:


(Past) Eight of Swords Reversed: Difficulty, Disquiet, Uneasiness, Anxiety

(Present) King of Cups Reversed: Dishonest, Vice, Wrongdoing

(Future) Eight of Cups Up: Walking Away with Honor, Leaving emotions behind. Modesty.


(Past) Justice Card Up: Equity, Equality, Rightness, Executive

(Present) The Emperor Up: Stability, Conviction, Reason

(Future) Knight of Wands Up: Departure, Young Man, Change


(Underlying theme that defines the relationship) Six of Cups Up: Reflecting on Enjoyment. Things that have vanished.

Here are the poem and prose poem

Full of disquiet

we meet in the midst

of wrong doing

all things are equal

we are convinced

we need to part

we have a bond

that runs deep

like a red river

we are full

of happiness

in each breath

we take

in each others


We meet again in this lifetime fully refreshed yet new like babies learning to walk and becoming toddlers who stand tall to children at play to adults who feel young at heart with each other.

We want to stay in the eye of the hurricane together never falling, holding tight to something that feels like home. We feel like home.

View the video here: "In The Eye of the Storm" Tarot Twin Flame Tuesday

I hope you like this spread. Feel free to use it in your videos or on your blogs. You don’t have to credit me with it however it would be nice if you did.

Take Care,


"Smiling with Tears in My Eyes" Oracle Cards Talk Thursday

Hi Everyone, This is my favorite video I've filmed so far. Full of wisdom and humor drawn from life lessons in relationships, this is a must watch for any woman who keeps attracting unavailable men.

I don't film on Fridays and Saturdays, but will have a blog post of one of my readings on my Blog on Saturday. I start filming again Sunday.

Watch the other videos as well, they have great wisdom and wackiness too.

"Nothing Compares to You" Tarot Wisdom Wednesday

So, this is the next video in the Tarot series. It's a reflection on how people treat each other, in this situation it involves a man and woman.

All I'll say is he did it to himself, he did, he and no one else.

Manifest Plan or Unfold? Tarot Reading Mental Health Monday

This is a video for Mental Health Monday. I use Tarot to help me see things I need to think about to move forward in my life.

Tarot is like a theater. There is nothing to be scared of. It is entertainment, however the cards don't lie cause you know the truth!

This video is about Manifesting, should you plan or let unfold?

Enjoy. I'd love to hear your comments on this video.

Using Tarot for Creative Writing: A Man Alone With His Thoughts

Using Tarot for Creative Writing: A Man Alone With His Thoughts

The Tarot Deck can be used to not only gain insight on a situation on your mind, Tarot can also be used to gain inspiration for you next piece of writing. 

Here I have used the Rider Tarot Deck for a Divine Inspiration Reading.

The Reading has four cards. The spread starts reading from the Right, then Left, then Center, and then the Theme card from at the Top that is on the bottom of the deck.

Here are the meanings of the cards from the Rider Tarot Deck Guide Book:

The Divine Inspiration is Love in General

The Hermit Up: Alone, single man, on thin ice, prudence

The Page of Wands Reversed: Indecision, Instability

The Five of Cups Up: Loss, bitter, mourning

The Tower Reversed: Discomfort, depression

Here is the poem and a writing prompt that have emerged from this Tarot Spread Reading:

A Haiku poem by sketchwriterjess:

On thin ice he feels

alone, bitter, and loses

his indecision

A Writing Prompt by sketchwriterjess:

A man has lost a person dear to him. The person is someone whom he spent a lot of time with. A person who made him feel wanted and cared for. He doesn’t know if he will ever find anyone who will make him feel the same way again. He makes a decision to love someone new.

I have made a large Guide book for my Tarot Deck. I take the meanings included with the deck and start to make my own decisions as to what to keep and what to leave behind in definition. I also look at the picture on the card and write in detail about what is going on in the imagery.

Then I do a Tarot Spread. Before getting started it’s good to clear the energy of the last reading done. Knock three times on top of the deck. Then do the spread.

Shuffle the cards. Cut the Deck. Ask for divine inspiration on your subject of choice. I chose love, a general reading.

Then I wrote my Haiku poem a few times. Don’t rush this process. Sometimes it will come quick. Other times it could take longer. I try not to take longer then an hour though, just to keep things fresh.

The poem I write by hand. The writing prompt I write through my keyboard. There is something fluid about prose coming out on a keyboard onto the screen that I like to keep for writing a narrative piece. Perhaps some prose poetry.

I guess it can be seen as a Channeled Message. I’ve discovered that I have intuition when it comes to collectives of people who have similar feelings about life. There are pockets of people this reading will resonate with. And there are people who will not resonate with this. That’s all right. The more specific an audience is to an author, the better connected her writing will be to her readers.

I hope this message resonates with you. Please share this blog post if you feel it does. The more people who see it, the more people it will inspire to write their best work.

Jess aka sketchwriterjess

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