Charmed "Be" Bookmark Bracelet: New Year's Eve

The New Year's Eve Charmed "Be" Book Mark Bracelet, A Classic Accessory that not only can be worn at New Years, but worn all year round!

An elegant bookmark that can be worn as a bracelet.
Learn to make the hottest, classic accessory to
ring in the new year.

The color combinations, materials and brands used for each bracelet are...

Offray 5/8” Sheer Black Ribbon and
Darice Venezia 3mm x 4mm Rondelle Crystals color champagne
(Ribbon and Crystals are used for each bracelet)

Bookmark Bracelet Left:
Eco Fi Creatology Felt Sandstone,
Toho 6/0 “E” Beads Galvanized Peach 1952-102,
DMC Perle 5 Cotton#301 MD Mahogany,
DMC Six Strand Floss #356 MD Terra Cotta, and
Darice 6mm Glass Pearls Vintage Pink.

Bookmark Bracelet Center:
Eco Fi Classic Felt Gold, 
Toho 6/0 “E” Beads Bright Gold 1952-50,
DMC  Perle 5 #725 MD Lt Topaz,
DMC  Six Strand Floss #781 V Dk Topaz, and
Darice 6mm Glass Pearls Pink.

Bookmark Bracelet Right:
 Eco Fi Classic Felt Silver Grey,
Toho 6/0 “E” Beads Bright Silver 1952-49,
DMC Perle 5 #415 Pearl Gray,
DMC Six Strand Floss #451 Dk Shell Gray, and
Darice 6mm Glass Pearls White.

Tools Used (Brands in parenthesis):

Embroidery Scissors (DMC Peacock Scissors)
5” Scissors for cutting felt (Fiskars Soft touch)
Flat Measuring Tape (Any Brand)
Milliner’s Sewing Needle 60mm (Dritz)
Collapsible needle 6.4 cm, 2.5” (Beadalon)
Water soluble fabric marking and/or quilter’s marking pencils (Dritz)
Bead Mats (Beadalon)
Size D Crochet hook ( Susan Bates White Plastic)

Instructions: (Quick notation, recommended reading; infographics with detailed diagrams are at the bottom of this post. )

1. Cut felt to 1 1/2” x 1”. Then draw the word “BE” in capital letters with the quilter’s pencil, with a double line thickness so that the letters have the look of being outlined without any fill color.

2. Sew Surface Satin Stitch with 2 strands of Embroidery Floss by locking a 4” tail in place with a knot on top of the felt. Keep this tail under the stitching at all times. Then take the needle and go from right to left from inner line of the B, to the outside line of the B. Then stitch the next stitch, a 1/16” away and go from left to right from the outer line of the B to the inner line of the B. Continue in the same manner around the letter B. After stitching the first part of this stitch, Fill in the open spaces by doing everything in reverse of what has been done before. Do the same for the letter E.

3. Sew Chain Stitch around the edge of the rectangle. To sew chain stitch, Come up through the back with Perle 5 Cotton and needle, then make a loop and hold the loop in place with your thumb. Then when the top of the chain is reached, go down through the felt and then up through the felt right above the widest part of the loop to lock the stitch in place. Continue around. Until there are 3 stitches per vertical edge, 5 stitches per horizontal edge, and one stitch per corner of the rectangle. At this point you may want to cut the corners off of the felt to make the shape more of an octagon shape. This is optional.

4. String Beads on Perle 5 cotton with collapsible needle. Start with the pearl, then 2 6/0 “E” Beads, then one crystal, then 2 6/0 “E” Beads, then one pearl, then then 1 6/0 “E” Bead, then one crystal, then then 1 6/0 “E” Bead...Repeat sequence until all beads have been strung onto the thread. Crochet beads into place with Single Crochet. To make single crochet, yarn over, pull up a loop, slide one bead down thread next to where stitch is being made, yarn over, pull up another loop, pull through both loops on hook. Continue with all the beads in this manner until the first stitch of the round, then slip stitch to the first stitch of the round by a yarn over and pulling through both loops on hook.

5. Tie all ends with surgeon’s knots. Interlace two threads together by creating two overhand ties with each end so that there are four ties in the loop made. Then pull tight. The knot looks like a flat slub. Cut knot close to ends. This can be done on all parts of the work where there are two ends to tie.

6. Make the Ribbon strap by cutting the ribbon to 8” long. Then fold under each end of the ribbon so that the ends are hidden. Then tack each fold in place with two running stitches per side of the ribbon. Then go through each stitch and create a double loop on each end by making a loop, sewing into place, and making one more loop the same size, and sewing into place. One loop is 2” and the other loop is 1 1/2”. End by sewing through between the two running stitches.

7. Finish the bracelet by crocheting single crochet stitches around each looped ring. On the larger loop, crochet around until the first stitch is reached and slip stitch to that stitch. On the second loop, crochet 5 stitches, then attach the charm so that the “BE" is facing upwards and the top of the word is against the loop. Slip stitch the charm through a top chained crochet from the center of the upper part of the rectangle. Then continue crocheting around the loop with single crochet and slip stitching to the first stitch of the round.

The bracelet can be worn around the wrist by folding the charm in half and sliding through the larger loop. This bracelet can also lie flat and be used as a bookmark.

Tutorial by Jessica B. Hensley aka Sketchwriterjess, translated from her hand drawn sketches.
More details about usage and making of the bracelet for sale can be found on the Free Tutorials page.

How to draw letters to sew Surface Satin Stitch
Learn how much easier and faster Satin Stitch can be when it is done the Surface stitching way.

How to sew Surface Satin Stitch
Surface Satin Stitch is a time saver as opposed to the regular Satin Stitch.

How to sew Chain Stitch
Chain Stitch is a great way to make any fabric surface ready for crochet edging.

How to crochet with beads on Chain Stitch
Single Crochet makes adding beads to any edging quick and easy. It is also decorative.

How to finish ends on work. Tie a surgeon's knot,
Tying a surgeon's knot with the ends of sewing and/or crochet ensures that the stitching will not come apart.

Making a ribbon bracelet strap.
Using sheer ribbon adds elegance and comfort to a bracelet. 

Finishing the bracelet with simple crochet edging
Crocheting around loops to make closures makes the closures strong.

Tutorial by Jessica B. Hensley aka Sketchwriterjess
Even though this bracelet is made in 2016, it is a timeless classic to be made and worn from years to come.

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Charmed "Be" Bookmark Bracelet: Holiday version, last minute gifts.

Bookmark Bracelet Charmed “Be”: Holiday Collection, From the 10 piece Charmed "Be" Collection of bracelets. 

Aqua, Magenta, Gold, Silver, Copper, Crystal, Glass, Felt, Embroidery Floss, Ribbon

These Ribbon bracelets lie flat so that they can be bookmarks. 

The charm is removable and can be pinned anywhere a person wants. Also Hangs nicely as a charm from the bracelet. Let's get started. This list of tools and materials is long, but necessary to work on making these bracelets.

The color combinations for each bracelet are...

Ribbon and 4mm Crystals are used for each bracelet.
Bracelet A: Eco Fi Classic Felt Aqua, Silver Lined Beads 1952-87,Perle 5 #807 Peacock Blue, and Six Strand Floss #917 Plum.
Bracelet B: Eco Fi Creatology Felt Copper Canyon,  Silver Lined Gold Beads 1952-08, Perle 5 #976 MD Golden Brown, and Six Strand Floss #796 DK Royal Blue.
Bracelet C: Eco Fi Classic Felt Choquant Rose, Silver Lined Light Pink Beads 1952-14, Perle 5 #815 MD Garnet, and Six Strand Floss #502 Blue Green.

DMC, Fiskars, Toho, Offray, Dritz, Beadalon, Darice, Eco fi Classic Felt, Eco fi Creatology Felt

Tools Used (Brands in parentesis):

Embroidery Scissors (DMC Peacock Scissors)
5” Scissors for cutting felt (Eco fi Classic Felt, Eco fi Creatology)
Flat Measuring Tape (Any Brand)
Millener’s Sewing Needle 60mm (Dritz)
Collapsable needle 6.4 cm, 2.5” (Beadalon)
Water soluable fabric marking and/or quilter’s marking pencils (Dritz)
Bead Mats (Beadalon)

Materials used to make the Charmed “Be” bookmark bracelet (Brand and color choices are in parenthesis):

Grosgrain Ribbon 5/8”, 15mm wide (Offray, Black)
Felt (Eco fi Classic Felt Aqua, Creatology Eco Felt Copper Canyon, Eco fi Classic Felt Choquant Rose)
4mm Bicone Crystals (Darice, Half Silver)
6/0 “E” Beads (Toho, 6/0 “E” Bead Color Choices: 1952-87 Silver Lined, 1952-08 Silver Lined Gold, or 1952-14 Silver Lined Light Pink)
Perle 5 Cotton (DMC Perle 5 Cotton Color choices, #807 Peacock Blue, #815 MD Garnet, #976 MD Golden Brown)
Six Strand Embroidery Floss (DMC Six Strand Embroidery Floss Color choices: #917 MD Plum, #502 Blue Green, #796 DK Royal Blue.)

Directions to make Holiday Charmed “Be” Bookmark Bracelets:

1. Cut Felt into a 1.5” X 1” Square with 5” scissors.

2. Draw the word “BE” in Capital Letters on the piece of felt with the fabric marking pencil. This is the wrong side.

3. With Six strand Floss Color 
of your choice, Tie a knot at the end of the thread and sew onto the lines with “Chain Stitch” Embroidery. With the letter “B” it is helpful to stitch the outside lines of the letter and then sew through a couple chains until you reach the middle of the B. Then complete the chain stitch sewing. With the letter “E” it is helpful to stitch from the horizontal lines of the letter around the vertical line and then the horizontal line at the other end. Sew back through the chain stitches to the middle horizontal line of the E and finish the chain stitch sewing. Then Flip Felt Over so straight stitches are showing. This is the right side. Whip stitch through stitches to create a rope texture. Finish off by sewing down through felt and knotting.

4. With Perle 5 Cotton Color of your choice, sew with “Chain Stitch” embroidery around the outside of the Rectangle. There should be 5 stitches along the width, 3 stitches along the height, and one stitch per corner. It is helpful to start the chain stitch midway so that it is easier to finish off the sewing. Finish off by ending last stitch through the right side and coming back up on the wrong side then knotting.

5. Flip the felt rectangle over to the right side. With Perle 5 Cotton, start with the second stitch from the upper left corner ,or right corner depending on handedness on the edge stitching. Pick up 4mm Crystal with needle and form a whip stitch by taking the needle with the bead on the thread and inserting it under the same stitch your sewing started at. Whip stitch next stitch. Repeat beading with the Crystal and whip stitching the same stitch to lock the bead in place. Whip stitch next stitch. Pick up three 6/0 “E” beads. Whip stitch back through the corner stitch for each bead to lock them in place, then sew back under corner stitch. Whip stitch over next stitch on height of Rectangle. Pick up a 4mm Crystal, Then whip stitch bead in place in same stitch to lock it in place. Whip stitch next stitch. Repeat as the first time corner was sewn, then reapeat as first row was sewn up to the last stitch of the horizontal row. Whip stitch the last stitch of row. Repeat as first time corner was sewn, then repeat as first vertical edge was sewn. Repeat as first corner was sewn for one last time, then whip stitch the next, last stitch. Finish sewing by sewing to wrong side and knotting.

6. Trim any edges of felt with the 5” scissors. Hold the felt rectangle vertical so you can see both sides of the felt and not trim any of the stitching done.

Time to make the bracelet strap:

7. Cut ribbon to 7.5”.

8. Fold one end of ribbon once over, then once again so that edge is hidden. With Perle 5 Cotton Color of your choice Tack the ribbon closed with two stitches, sewn “Holbien” style. Flip ribbon over so fold is underneath. Then create a 1” high loop by starting loop by inserting needle in one stitch, pulling 2” of thread, then inserting needle through other Holbein stich. Insert needle through the two Holbein stitches 2 more times. Go through one Holbein stitch once more. Whip stitch around the inside of loop to form a twisted thread texture that looks like a rope. Go through the other Holbein stitch one more time. Stich a running stitch so needle is back on top of bracelet. Pick up one crystal, whip stitch around the other stitches to lock bead in place. Go through with the needle to the back of the work. Finish off sewing with a knot.

9. Repeat with the other side up to the creation of the loop, but instead of creating a loop, a button will be formed with beads. Flip bracelet so that top is visible. Stitch through the top. Pick up a 4mm crystal. Stitch a running stitch ending up back at top. Pick up three 6/0 “E” beads on needle. Whip stitch through first Holbeing stitch, Then pick up three more beads. Whip stitch through second Holbein stitch. Then whip stitch as was done for the corners of the felt rectangle earlier for all six beads to lock in Place. Wrap thread around bottom center of beaded button 3 times to make it strong and also to lift it off the bracelet so that loop will stay in place when buttoned.

Last but not least:

10. Close bracelet by putting the loop over the button and put a safety pin through the chains on the back of the charm any place you’d like. One chain will do. Hang Charm over loop when bracelet is closed. Can also be used as a corner bookmark when the bracelet is closed. If you want to make it a flat bookmark, cut the ribbon to 8” instead so the crystals don’t get trapped in the book.

Wear at a holiday party or even year round. This bracelet is a classic.

I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.

See you next week with a new tutorial for the New Years Charmed Be bracelet collection.

Happy Holidays!


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Zen Mandala: Where's Mine?

About the about me page Jessica B. Hensley aka Sketchwriterjess

Hello everyone,

I've just updated my about page with a third person essay I've written about myself.

I mention that I did this because...

Holiday Thoughts 2016: The miracle of correct handedness, crafting, and writing.

Christmas and Hanukkah in Florida: It's kind of like Left-Handedness

Christmas Art

The weather is changing a little here where I live...

I'm thinking that this year the Holidays will be different. More happy, more joyful, especially
since through the miracle of knitting and crocheting I found out I was truly left handed, instead of
right handed.

I spent my whole life feeling frustrated...

People called me a spaz. I was clumsy and I could never
follow along with conversations or class. I was frustrated because my earliest teacher suggested life would be so much easier if I used my right hand instead of my left, despite my left hand handwriting was far stronger. I listened to her and took her advice, I used my right hand for everything and I paid the price.;)

I kept feeling like there was something I was missing in life. It wasn't until I realized that I am far
stronger and more comfortable as a left-handed person now then I ever was as a right-handed person that the only bright side is that my writing ability developed, I believe, as a result of using my right hand for so long.

So now that I am using my correct hand, I realize how strange and creative I am and my life makes sense now. Florida to me is odd in that not much changes from day to day and yet weather can change in an instant and take as long or as little as it wants to destroy or give back. Creativity flows here.

Sometimes, I think I've lost whole years to being frustrated, sad, and sometimes, well most of the time obsessed with people and life. I felt like the princess in the Ivory Tower that needed to be saved from the evil queen or what ever evil person you can think of. I did that from my teens into my early 30s. And never did I think that it could be something as simple, yet complex as using the incorrect hand just to do daily tasks and doing extraordinary tasks in my art making to a painful point.

Now I think crafting and creating art is a joy. I love to play with fiber and thread, and I'm also into
sketching with pastels at the moment, in private. I look forward to sharing all of the creative things I've learned that have helped me get through my mental illness of bipolar disorder. My hope is that my pain will transcend the boundaries of my past and will become something I can work with and use in the healthiest way I can, and that you can do the same if you fear the past will hold you back forever. I can guarantee you that crafting and writing have been the two things that have saved me, in so many mysterious ways.

Wishing you a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas,

Have a good one!


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Thanksgiving Thoughts: All Lives Matter. Trump?

Thanksgiving is as American as it gets.
Grandma said: Those days were sure better then these days. Democrats say it too.

During Thanksgiving I had a sore throat and stuffy nose, plus my Aunt Flo decided to visit Redbank as people say in New Jersey, which means, I got my period. I felt like spending the day in bed away from my family. However, life matters, all lives matter. I thought it best to celebrate with my family instead.

One topic came up this last Thanksgiving among family and friends; Trump is president elect: What will the future of America be?


As a liberal woman of faith, deep down in my soul, I need to believe that somehow he understands America better than I do and that he has better judgement then shown in his campaign.

Here is what I know about America...

Many natural citizens of the United States of America are born from families that emigrated to this country long ago, some of these citizens forget that. It is also true that today, some African-American Citizens are descended from people who were enslaved against their will, they are trying to find their place in America.  And I cannot forget the Native Americans whose hearts have been compromised in the pioneering effort to create a “new” world from everyone outside of their culture.

America is not just divided, it is compartmentalized.  When does America become about the individual, rather than specific groups?

 In my opinion, it is when individual votes count as the deciding factor to elect a president, i.e., when the popular vote of the individual American Citizens elects the president.

I try to put myself in some of the conservative voters’ shoes to come to terms with the fact that president elect Trump is in charge.

I remember hearing about voters whose jobs went overseas. Voters who felt snubbed by the establishment politics. Voters who are trying to figure out how to recover from being so brutally fired.

As someone who once had so much success in working for someone else and making my own money in the field of my choice, to  someone who lost my job due my inability to adapt and fit into an elite office environment, I know what it’s like to lose and want to win at life again.

During this election, thoughts continued in my head; ‘killers, nationalists, bullies, religious fanatics... just plain fanatics.’ Over and over again about the neo-conservatives. I know not all conservatives fit those categories, yet there is a slice of Republican culture that can be summed up with such terms that ring loud and clear in the minds and hearts of those who feel they don’t belong in this country and who want the isolation of being “the other” to stop.

Having been on both sides of belonging to a group and becoming “the other” I ask myself how does one begin to belong if they have become “the other”.  

When I voted,  I thought of myself and those I love. I voted for those who could give me and my family everything we need to survive and thrive. And I believe that Republicans voted for the candidate they saw fit to run America. The candidate who they felt would give their families what they needed too.

In that sense, is either presidential candidate the wrong choice?

Who knows? As of today individual votes don’t count right now, only electoral votes count.

If all lives matter, then every individual vote counts. 

I hope everyone had a Thanksgiving full of compassion and lots of yummy food. I love my family so much.

Take Care, and Have a Good One.

“I’ve got your back, friend”


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