Authortube Newbie Tag, Jessica Hensley, formerly Jess Hensley Sketchwriterjess

Hi everyone,

If you tried looking me up on YouTube as Jess Hensley Sketchwriterjess, I had to change my name back, so I'm sorry if you couldn't find me. There were some business things I didn't consider when I changed it so I figured it would be better to go back to my name.

Yes there are a lot of Jessica Hensley's on YouTube, however, I am an individual as are they and I'm sure we all offer the best content we can come up with so it is fine.

Anyways, this video has the AuthorTube Newbie Tag. This Tag means that there are questions about the Author experience such as what I write and how I'm published. It's a questionaire that new Authortubers like to share and answer to let people know what they do in writing.

Please watch this to see how my direction for my art and writing has changed from what I used to do.

I do plan on having some craft projects still. I owe you guys some that I started like the key fob bracelet. I also want to put in some hat patterns too.

I am still planning to sell some hats as well. However, my main focus is my Tarot Readings. I feel like spirit has pulled me to a place of knowing that opening the soul is the best way to allow light in and to let it shine out. I feel like since I put myself out there to all the groups I joined, all the bars I went to, even contacting my spirit guide. I have learned this very important lesson and now I share it with you through my readings.

Though my readings are general, they may feel specific to you at the time you watch them. Life changes everyday. One day you could be single. They next day you could be in a relationship. Or it could be the other way around.

Time is fluid. And time is an illusion we box ourselves into as our minds have a hard time processing energy and how it works.

My goal on this site is to provide content that allows you to open your soul by learning to put yourself out there with boundaries. People will respect you if you have boundaries. Those who are upset with you having boundaries are not your souls to connect with.

It's scary to put myself out there again and again. But I do so knowing I always have spirit to back me up.

My spirit Guide Lauren, my ancestors, and the angels I call on when I do my readings and channeled messages let me know everyday how much I am loved and also let me know to tell you, you are loved by your soul family as well.

We all have a soul family. Whether we pick our family or choose to continue to be with our birth family, we have the opportunity now more then ever to connect with people who love to send positive energy to one another.

My goal is to help you tap into spirit and give you the gumption to put yourself out there. You can't live life holed up in your home waiting for people to come in and rescue you. You must go out into the world no matter how afraid you feel.

I hope that my new direction in art and writing helps you on your path to feeling better about life.


Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

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Pick A Card Love Tarot Reading: How Do I Release Him? 7.24.19

Hi everyone,

This is a pick a card reading done on 7/24/19. The date is just a reference. This reading works anytime you watch it. All in divine timing.

The spread is based on my balance check spread with a little extra. When Major Arcana Cards come up, Clarifiers are used to add more information to the reading. I pull until a number card comes up.

There is Emotion, Logic, Intuition, and Family Wisdom all taken in when the question of "How can I release him?" Is asked.

Decks used: The Cosmic Tarot and Notes from the Universe

Watch the video or scroll on to read the writing I've done. Watch the video if you want to hear the wrap up for each one.

Pick a card pile to reveal the how you need to release your man.

Pile 1, 2, 3 left to right.

Go ahead. Pick your pile. 😎

Pile 1

Cards for Emotion: The Moon Reversed, Justice, The Lovers, the Six of Swords reversed.

Cards for Logic: Prince of Cups and Four of Swords.

Cards for Intuition: Prince of Wands, King of Cups, and Ace of Wands.

Cards for the Family Wisdom: "I go where you go."

Here is what I wrote:

Emotion says the man on your mind that you want to let go has been silent and inconsistent with showing how he feels about you.

You want to show him you are worthy of him as you notice the beauty in love since he has counted you out. You have been trying to get back with him by telling anyone who will listen how much you love him.

Logic says to reflect on the relationship in meditation. To leave him alone and spend time away from him to focus on something that has nothing to do with him.

Intuition says you know if you follow your creativity in business you will get good news from responsible sources validating your work.

Family Wisdom says "Saying good-bye to a lover makes you love better cause practice makes better."

Wrap Up:

In the meantime, a good career for you could be song writing. Want to hear more? Watch the video, it's sweet!

Pile 2

Cards for Emotion: The Five of Cups.

Cards for Logic: The Hanged Man and Six of Cups.

Cards for Intuition: The Devil Reversed and The Ace of Pentacles Reversed.

Cards for the Family Wisdom: "Give yourself much more credit."

Here is what I wrote:

Emotion says The man on your mind has left you and you may feel bitter about it.

Logic says that even though you had some happy times with this person you sacrificed so much energy to the point of thinking love isn't worth trying for.

Intuition says your bitterness and pettiness can keep you in a space of weakness so you'll be kept from earning your way with whatever you choose careerwise.

Family wisdom says "You're doing the best you can in this moment. Hold on the best you gave in this relationship. You're fine."

Wrap up:

In the meantime a good career for you is Knitting. Do you want to hear more? Watch the video. It's cute!

Pile 3

Cards for Emotion: Seven of Cups reversed.

Cards for Logic: The Magician, Temperance, Princess of Cups reversed, and Two of Cups reversed.

Cards for Intuition: Eight of Wands reversed.

Cards for the Family Wisdom: "You have more options than you realize."

Here is what I wrote:

Emotion says the man on your mind has got determination and tenacity. You desire him because of his nature.

Logic says you need to use your best words when dealing with him. Use your judgement in how you choose to let him go.

You're choosing to let him go because of too many misunderstandings between you when it comes to him and how he feels about you. Is the relationship casual or is it more? Since it's not what you want you're letting it go.

Intuition says you may feel upset with him for not giving you what you needed most. Don't beat yourself up for being clear about your feelings about him.

Family wisdom says: "Though you are angry with him, soften your anger with the goodness you found in him. You will always love him for his kind nature."

Wrap up:

In the meantime a good career for you is Bartender. Want to hear more?Watch the video, it's hilarious!

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Good Luck.

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

Pick A Card Love Tarot Reading: How Can I Talk To Him?

Hi everyone,

This is a pick a card reading done on 7/21/19. The date is just a reference. This reading works anytime you watch it. All in divine timing.

The spread is based on my balance check spread with a little extra.

There is Emotion, Logic, Intuition, and Family Wisdom all taken in when the question of "How can I talk to him?" Is asked.

Decks used: The Cosmic Tarot and Notes from the Universe

Watch the video or scroll on to read the writing I've done. Watch the video if you want to hear the wrap up for each one.

Pick a card pile to reveal the how you need to talk to your man.

Pile 1, 2, 3 left to right.

If you still are having a problem, look at the oracle cards. (This picture is not on the video, it is here on the blog post for clarity as the oracle cards have two sides. In the video, I show them one by one front and back.)

Go ahead. Pick your pile. 😎

Pile 1

Cards in this Pile are Starting from the right, the Emotions, The High Priestess. On the left, the Logic, The Hanged Man. In the middle, family wisdom, Oracle "Pucker Up Buttercup". At the Top on the bottom of one third of the deck, Prince of Cups reversed which is equal to the Page in the Rider Deck.

Here is what I wrote:

The man on your mind could be thinking of you a lot. He's determined to unlock the mystery of you.

He looks rugged, but he's really compassionate.

Family wisdom says "Being kind to him will make you both feel satisfied when a problem needs to be discussed."

This man can attach to you and you'll crave him however keep in mind that you take some time for yourself and set boundaries.

Wrap Up:

Let your mystery build in his mind, release it slow. Watch the video for more of the wrap up.

Pile 2

Cards in this pile starting from the right. For the emotions, The Empress reversed. For the logic, The Princess of Wands which is like the Knight in the Rider Tarot Deck. For the family wisdom, Oracle "Love doesn't have to mean near". For the intuition at the top on the bottom of one-third of the pile, Four of Cups reversed.

Here is what I wrote:

The man on your mind can be cold and indifferent. He is having a hard time making up his mind about whether he wants to be with you.

He can be flakey when it comes to setting up appointments.

Family wisdom says "If he keeps acting like this perhaps it's best not to push him now. Leave him be."

He could just be looking for a good time if you want more, he's not ready yet.

Wrap up:

Believe his actions. Watch the video for the rest of the wrap up.

Pile 3

Cards starting from the right, the emotions, The Star. For the logic, on the left, Prince of Swords which is like the Page in the Rider Tarot Deck. For the family wisdom in the middle, Oracle, "Prepare to be astounded." For the intuition, The Seven of Cups reversed.

Here is what I wrote;

The man on your mind perhaps is just coming out of a relationship. Now he knows what he wants in a relationship and is ready for a new one.

He will try to unlock your secrets. Make him work for it cause he wouldn't have it any other way.

Family wisdom says: This man will give you clarity on what true love is. Let him in. Let the relationship unfold.

He is determined to win your heart with words.

Wrap up:

Manifesting is in action. Watch the video for the rest of the wrap up.

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Good Luck.

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

Knitting, Thinking, and Letting Go: Self-Love in Action

Scarf Color Pooling in solid blocks after argyle styling.

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may have been wondering why I’ve been doing Tarot Readings when I started this blog doing Crafting Tutorials. The truth is there were some things that happened in my life that were heavy. Not only that I was balancing both things that were going on in my life at the time.

One thing that happened is I fell for a man deeply, head over heals. The other thing that happened is that my Mom had a heart attack in the hospital. It was a close call, she almost died. I balanced these two experiences by thinking about love. The love I have for my parents, especially my Mom, and the love I had for a man that I had a situationship with. The emotions were very deep and I could not pretend that everything was normal and do my usual craft blogging articles. For awhile, I couldn’t do anything that I needed to do. I was absorbed in love thoughts.

I thought a lot about what my Mom went through and how much my Dad loves her. And I thought about the situationship that almost went somewhere, but stopped short of going anywhere. And yet I felt like I was still on a train I couldn’t get off. I still thought this man was going to be so loving and caring, as he was very kind to me many times. But he changed as things started to go somewhere. Actually talking about things other then what we talked about. And it wasn’t about sex; it was about my Mom in the hospital. He just cut me off without communication when I texted him. I told him I couldn’t get together with him since my Mom was in the hospital. I guess that was too close for him. I don’t know why.

I know I shouldn’t even write about this. But this hurt me deeply. I write about him on here, I talk about him on my videos and it’s all in an effort to put things in perspective as my Mom is still recovering from what she went though. She’s made a miraculous turn-around. She is the one who is always here for me when I’m down. She is the one in my corner cheering me on. I thought this man would be here for me when I needed him most, and he wasn’t.

So, I still believe there is a deep love soul connection for me somewhere in this world. I still believe that the Twin Flame theory exists. But I realize it’s not him. The time has past for anything to take place between me and him. As I write this, it’s final. Besides I’m sure he hates that I write about him.

I had looked forward to writing positive things about him. But it didn’t turn out that way and I don’t want him to experience any pain. I write this to just let him go, be where he needs to be.

I’m still doing Twin Flame readings for the collective. People want something deep these days. They want to believe that there is something at work that is on our side bringing us to a place where we can be our best selves and experience that with someone we love. To share a bond with someone we don’t share with anyone else. It’s a nice thought and it’s one I still believe in.

Now I’m open to other possibilities. Living my dreams as a crafter making a living from what I do is something I’ve thought about ever since I went on disability. I feel like it’s the one thing that helps keep me balanced. Sure writing helps. It’s satisfying, yet I feel crafting gives me balance. I also do art as well. However I do that when I feel like it here and there. It’s not like my crafting that I work on most everyday.

I’ve thought about adding some new Tarot Readings to my line up. I thought of doing some career readings and also some pick a card readings where you pick a pile and all is revealed about a question you have in mind. I think I’m still going to use my Cosmic Tarot Deck. I feel like it’s the one I resonate with the most. I’ll use it for everything, the career readings, and the pick a card readings.

I’ve got wisdom gained from the life and death decisions I’ve made in my life and the life and death decisions I’ve experienced when it comes to my family life.

I’ve got wisdom as someone who has watched my parents love evolve over the years into something truly beautiful and inspiring. Though I have never had a relationship, I know what love is. Other people in my family are in good relationships as well. I know what it is. I know what it takes to love unconditionally.

I know it’s strange for a “virgin” to give relationship advice, yet I feel called to do it. I feel my love Tarot readings are special. They are for people like me who feel love has eluded them. They don’t have to be “virgins,” just any person who feels left out of the loop, like time has passed and waiting is the only game.

My readings give people hope that in the meantime, you can thrive and flourish as a kind. loving, human being by being kind to yourself and accepting and forgiving yourself for things you did wrong long ago at a time distant and fleeting.

While making my scarf, the colors stopped pooling in the pattern, which had an argyle style, and went into an ikat look. It’s like showing me the time my life went on hold when everything was so heavy, I didn’t know how long I could carry it on my own. Me and my Dad were able to get through what my Mom went through. And we discussed love. His love for my Mom was shown true.

Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. And situationship are just a situation that gets out of hand and goes no place but a spider-web.

Once the full moon happened, something I’ve been following since I started Tarot reading, I released this man to where he needed to go. I hope he finds some kind of peace. I can only imagine what kind of trigger set him off that he completely shut me down.

As I’ve said, it’s done now. I’ve written on here, I’ve talked on videos about him and I’m sure he would be upset that I’ve done that so it’s as much me as it is him.

However, I felt I needed to share my story. People forget that their physicality can betray them and if they don’t have control over it, people get hurt. People take things personally and get carried away. That’s what happened with us. Our physical nature promised something that we couldn’t follow through on.

So, I write this to let you know that from now on, I am continuing to do the Twin Flame readings, and I’m adding some new things for Career and more Self-Love style Readings.

Take Care,

Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

"There's No Doubt" Souls in Separation Twin Flame Tarot and Mental Healt...

There’s No Doubt: A Love Tarot Reading, Twin Flame in Separation

Decks Used: Cosmic Tarot and Notes from the Universe

Spread Used: Twin Flame Separation Spread. On the right 3 Cards show the masculine on the feminine’s mind. On the Left 3 cards show the feminine’s idea of relationships. In the Center, The oracle shows the Theme to remember during separation.

Her Man on her mind: With the Wheel of Fortune reversed, key phrase is plan comes together.

Her Man in her heart: With the Empress, key phrase is loving and kind.

Her Man in her soul: With Death reversed, key phrase is shelter and safety.

Her mind on a relationship: With Justice, key phrase is right to repair

Her heart in a relationship: With The Devil reversed, key phrase is blind love.

Her soul in a relationship: With the Lover’s reversed, key phrase is love is hard to find and keep.

Theme to remember in separation: With the Oracle “Dwell on what you love,” don’t change who you are so in turn don’t try to change someone else.

Man who’s on her mind, in her heart, and in her soul: She thinks of a man as someone she can count on to take care of her. She feels safe around him due to his kind nature. He’s got a strong work ethic and that makes her feel even more sure of his steadfastness in a relationship.

Her mind, heart, and soul in this relationship: She falls in love head over heals when she is on the mend from past hurts and past relationships. She finds love when is new her emotions flood her with tingly feelings usually, however now she feels at home with this man.

What to remember in separation from a twin flame: Be yourself always. Trust he as himself always. If there are problems that arise with you as doubts about his character, trust your instincts and stay away from him.

In the meantime, read a book that has the sense that things will work out, no need to upset yourself when with a story that could have a disappointing end.

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"Tell Me More" Love Tarot Reading for Twin Flame Feminine

Tell Me More: A Love Tarot Reading for the Twin Flame Journey

Decks used for this spread: The Cosmic Tarot and Notes from the Universe Oracle Cards.

Tarot Spread: This spread uses 11 cards, 3 cards on the right for past, present, and future for what type of men she wants, 3 cards on the left for past, present, and future about how she deals in relationships. And 3 cards on top about the decisions she’ll face when preparing to be in the Twin Flame relationship. The last 2 cards in the middle column are Oracle Cards and help bring an answer to get to the place needed to make her Twin Flame relationship better.

For what type of man she wants: With the Eight of Pentacles reversed, the Nine of Cups, and the Ace of Pentacles, key phrases are exhaustion, demanding requirements, success, contentment with winning, perfect, and contentment.

For how she deals in relationships: With the Prince of Pentacles reversed, the Three of Wands reversed, and the Hanged Man reversed, key phrases are stagnation, discouragement, disappointment, almosting it, not open to learning, lethargic.

For making decisions regarding preparing for the Twin Flame relationship: With the Star, key phrases are abandonment and hope. With The Queen of Swords reversed, about the man in her life, key phases are proper, pulled together, craftiness, sly. With the Five of Pentacles, blocking her man from being with her, key phrases are needing love, and material troubles.

For Twin Flame love to work: With the Oracles “You needn’t worry” and “Karma is on your side”: Key phrases are don’t worry about people who don’t show you love. Love yourself now. And people who unconditionally love you will love you and will always love you. So, when you love them back you not only honor them, you do right by you.

The man she has had and the man she wants: In the past, she felt men expected so much from her to the point of pushing herself hard to meet their demands.

Now she is looking for a man who can give her a feeling of peace and nurturing.

Her future thoughts on men are that her man needs to be perfect.

The way she deals in relationships in the past and present: Upon meeting men she felt like she was stuck in a situation she hated and felt upset that it wouldn’t change. Perhaps a man has left her and she doesn’t think she’ll meet someone else.

She is close to meeting the man whose a sure thing but has just missed him again.

In her thoughts about meeting the one, she is tired of waiting and doesn’t want another man to make a deep impression on her. Not another karmic lesson that hurts more then it helps.

Preparing for Union: She will have hope for the relationship to work and yet have fears of abandonment.

She keeps thinking her man will be slick and polished. He will have flaws.

She needs to look inside herself to stand on her own. She doesn’t need a perfect man cause she isn’t perfect. No one is. She thinks she has to keep up the perfect couple image.

She needs to stop worrying about what people see and understand how her man feels about her. She needs to listen to him. If she wants a man to be there for her, she must push aside all thoughts of what she needs when it comes to meeting expectations. She needs to come to a place where she accepts herself in order to be there for her man. Otherwise she will just keep repeating the same karmic cycles.

In the Bedroom:

With her man

holding hands

listening to the rain

staring into his eyes

knowing just how he feels

she whispers...

“Tell me what you’d like me to do.”

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The Mirror Moment in Union: A Twin Flame Tarot Reading

Hi Everyone,

I’ve made a spread of eleven cards, as 11:11 is the symbol for Twin Flames. One couple is covered in each Twin Flame Spread that I do. There is a masculine part on the right side, a feminine part on the left side and the theme is in the middle from top to bottom represented by the card on the bottom of the deck and the oracle cards. The terms masculine and feminine are used at the beginning to establish that this relationship can be same sex or opposite sex, then man and woman are used for ease of writing and reading. This blog post contains a whole reading just like I offer in my shop. Also I call on Angel Uriel and my guides Mombasa, Chuck, and Cal to do the reading. This work is fictional and is intended for entertainment only. Here it is...

For the Masculine: With the Ace of Pentacles, Eight of Cups Reversed, and The Sun Reversed, key phrases are speedy intelligence, heart of gold, gratification, joy, happy relationship, and pleasant feelings.

For the Feminine: With the Page of Pentacles reversed, King of Swords, and The moon reversed, key phrases are thoughtless, careless, command authority, militant intelligence, silence, error.

For the theme of the union, the undercurrent: With the Eight of Wands, Key phrases are great hope, and messages. With the Five of Wands of what the man needs to work on, the key phrase is competitive nature. With the Queen of Pentacles of what the woman needs to work on, key phrases are generosity and security.

For the oracles “Do something new, something different” and “You were born with that “it” quality” key phrases are stay busy to attract those you love and avoid needing to be needed.

Before Meeting

In the past, the man had the ability to sniff things out and yet with his heart of gold he may not have aired the dirty laundry leading to him to him walking away from his last relationship.

In the past, the woman could be quite thoughtless when it came to words and careless when it came to doing actions. Her lack of tact causes men to leave her.

Upon Meeting Each Other

The man feels gratification and joy after leaving a toxic relationship.

The woman has a command of language and she is sharp. And she is witty, as she has learned to replace her lack of tact with humor.

In Union

The man wants a happy relationship. He just wants someone who will make him feel good.

The woman has learned to be silent when a matter or dispute reaches a natural end. She has also learned to take responsibility when says hurtful words.

The theme of the relationship is one of hope and communication. Perhaps these two are writers or speakers at places where people gather to have fun.

The man must work on his constant need to one-up his woman by digging things up on her.

The woman must work on being more kind with her words and must stand in her truth always when living with this man.

Together they can complete their mission if they open channels of communication. When they need to talk, they need to talk. When they need to air out their problems, they need to make sure they treat each other as equals instead of thinking they each have something on the other. However, the two of them could help people communicate better with each other. They could create a game since they are here to learn how good communication works. They will then go on to teach people how to laugh at themselves and with each other.

Final words

He was quite

the bloodhound

sniffing out

secrets on his

past loves and

feeling proud

because of it.

She was quite careless

with her actions

and as a result

her relationships

ended with a thud.

Together these two

can take what they

learn from their

past to fulfill their

mission as a couple

who designs a game

about communication

for people in love.

In the bedroom, perhaps these two can share a few love bites here and there. And some laughs before things become smooth and bold. 

Watch the video to see what the mirror moment is for this couple and how it gives them the strength to complete their mission.

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Jess aka Sketchwriterjess

Knitting, Left-Handedness, and Reading Loveswept Romances

Hi Everyone, 

I’ve been knitting hats and reading Loveswept Romances from the 1990s. The one I’m reading now is Breakfast in Bed by Sandra Brown. Originally written in 1983, this book stands the test of time. I’ve only got about 20 pages left. In the next Mental Health Check-in on my channel, Jess Hensley Sketchwriterjess, I will tell you how good or disappointing it is, but so far its given me plenty of chills in a good way.

Also my hat is knitted with Malabrigo Yarns, One sport weight and one sock weight held together. The two colors are Dos Tierras and Mechita respectively. I also used Knitter’s Pride size 8 Double Pointed Needles five set. I used all five for this hat as it had an even number of stiches.

I’ve enjoyed knitting my hats that I wear on my YouTube films. Knitting helps to calm me down. It also helps with my Correct Handedness. I realized I was really left-handed only a couple of years ago and I have more strength in my left hand then I used to. However I still have more strength left to go. I like Crochet as well, but I only use one hand to stitch for that.

Ever since I found my true handedness, my personality has done a 180 degree turn. I’ve been a lot kinder and more helpful to my family since I’m not frustrated anymore. No wonder why I was angry all the time, I was using the wrong hand to do everything.

I’ve still got Bipolar Disorder Type I though. I have to be honest, I was hoping it would go away, but it’s still here. I will have it for the rest of my life. I take medication and though it helps with my brain, it causes weight gain.

Recently I started seeing a Nutritionist and that has helped me lose 6 of the pounds I gained when I first started taking medicine for my mental health needs. I’m happy that I can knit to stop myself from snacking all day. It also gives me some confidence as people have been complimenting me on my hats. I have had inquires to make some too, though I won’t be putting them in the shop until August when I have the right price to charge.

Right now I’m just forming the pattern so it will take some time to get it where I can charge a fair price. My hats are handmade by me and only me so they will cost more then the standard hat you’d buy at a big box store. Think more like Department Store pricing, as they are handmade with lots of time and love. I also would like to make some in acrylic. I use Red Heart for those. I’m not a yarn snob. I do wash and treat them a certain way to make them wear like Iron. I charge less for those; however they still will be more like Department Store pricing.

And last, I will have a pattern for these hats which will be released at the same time as I put the hats in the shop.

If you want to learn more about the books I’m reading now and see more of my hats, watch my YouTube video at this link: Knitting, Books, and Virginity at 40

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A Single Tear: A Twin Flame Tarot Reading (Film and Notes Included)

Hi Everyone,

Will the masculine find acceptance and self love? Will the feminine be able to commit to him? Read on to find out what happens with when this couple joins together in Union.

I’ve made a spread of eleven cards, as 11:11 is the symbol for Twin Flames. One couple is covered in each Twin Flame Spread that I do. There is a masculine part on the right side, a feminine part on the left side and the theme is in the middle from top to bottom represented by the card on the bottom of the deck and the oracle cards. The terms masculine and feminine are used at the beginning to establish that this relationship can be same sex or opposite sex, then man and woman are used for ease of writing and reading. This blog post contains a whole reading just like I offer in my shop. Also I call on Angel Uriel and my guides Mombasa, Chuck, and Cal to do the reading. This work is fictional and is intended for entertainment only. Here it is...

For the Masculine: With the Four of Cups, Eight of Cups, and King of Cups reversed, key phrases are self-pity, aversion, leaving emotions behind, timid nature, vice, and scandal.

For the Feminine: With Justice, Seven of Pentacles, and Page of Pentacles reversed, key phrases are partial, special liking, innocence, wasting time, and hedonism.

For the theme of the union, the undercurrent: With the Two of Wands, key phrases are lost love, and now or never. The man’s obstacle to work on with the Ace of Wands Reversed, key phrases are fall and decadence. For the woman’s obstacle to work on with the Seven of Cups, key phrases are remembering the little things, remembering the past, reflection, and imagination.

For the oracles “Those who Love” and “Don’t be Misled,” key phrases are forget who is watching you, shine bright to be loved. And fear can lead you away from taking a chance on love.

Before the Union

In the past the man had an aversion to something in himself that he was afraid to face. His relationships may have involved some sort of fetish and the woman didn’t like it. So it ended.

In the past the woman had a special liking for younger men as denoted by the other cards above. She was very casual in relationships.

Upon Meeting Each Other

The man leaves his emotions of hurt behind. He is afraid to move on however he is ready to find someone who will accept his predilections. He wants commitment.

The woman is looking back on the best times she’s had with the men she’s dated. She’s not looking for a committed relationship.

In Union

The man is nervous about scandal.

The woman is interested in playing out any fantasies she has.

These two are a good match as she is adventurous when it comes to sex and he has quite the unusual way of dealing with women in the bedroom.

The Two of Wands denotes love lost, and a now or never moment. These two have a mission to complete. It’s more then chemistry for them, it’s acceptance of who they are to each other and how they could help the world once they understand this lesson.

The man must work on keeping his urges between him and his Twin Flame partner. If he doesn’t, the relationship can fall to a dark place where others are ready to get in the way of the bond these two share.

The woman must work on not getting caught up in the past. She is used to being freely single and now she has a man who will fulfill her sexual desires. She must be open to staying committed to the relationship or else she will never get to a place of nurturing herself or anyone else.

They as a team can do great things for the world if they can nurture each other and in turn fulfill the mission with their vibrant energy. They must be careful not to allow fear of rejection to stop them from completing their mission.

Final words

He was afraid

she wouldn’t

accept him

because he felt

ashamed of his

worship of

a single part of

feminine being.

She didn’t think

she could be in a

committed relationship

until she met him.

He allowed her to

wander the halls

of fantasy.

Together they

could change the

way people see


to create a

better future

for all those

who chose

to focus on the

good vibes of


who turn their pain

into creativity.

Perhaps after their worship of each other’s bodies in ways they only know. The man can lay his head on his woman’s chest and she’ll comfort him with her hand sliding down his cheek as he cries a single tear at knowing true love. 

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