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Coming up with Ideas, Tarot Reading 9.29.19

This Tarot Reading is good for anyone nervous about coming up with ideas for projects they will share with people.

New Moon in Libra Tarot Reading 2019 on 9.28.19

This Tarot Reading is good for anyone who has been thinking of teaching a class or coming up with a course for their clients.

Full Moon Pick a Card Tarot Reading-Harvest Moon 9.13.19 Timeless Advice

It's past the Full Moon as I post this however, it is still good for a couple of days after the full moon to get the most benefit for manifesting. As with most of my readings, this is a timeless reading for any Full Moon of any Month.

Waxing Moon Tarot Reading for September 5, 2019

Hi everyone,

I've got your Astrological Forecast for the Waxing Moon coming up.

For all signs, there could be apprehension of going forward with a project because of burnout. Relaxing for a whole day or two could be an option. You could be preventing yourself from being receptive to money making ideas because they seem boring and intimidating. If you get passed the worry and work on your idea, success will happen.