3 Parts to Coping With Life Problems. (Involves Sketching)

 3 Parts to Coping With Life Problems. (Involves Sketching)
by Jessica B. Hensley

Hi Sketchies,

Welcome to another post about coping with life problems. You’ve got problems, I’ve got problems...Who doesn’t?

Here’s a way to cope, its a three part method I use:

1. I open my sketchbook and put scotch magic tape down around the edges.

2. I sketch shapes in watercolorpencil to fill up the whole space, brush the drawn areas with water and let it dry.

3 I draw lines in black ink that connect the shapes together.

Below are some of the the art pieces I have made with this method:

I know, it seems ridiculous, right?

Abstract Sketching?

What if I was to tell you that my mood has been stable since I started drawing with this method?

And what if it could be applied to other types of art as well?

Any materials can be used.

Just a few things need to be kept in mind.

A. Shapes

B. Tones

C. Connections

This all comes together to form something that makes sense to you. Look at your sketch, see what you need to see to get you through.

Think of it like a Practical Crystal Ball.

There will be a book on this. I’ve got a poem on here that can give you a hint about it, however, unlike the last book I wrote, the poem I’m linking too won’t be in the book. 

The book will have new poetry and exercises to get you into the state of mind that you find makes sense. It’s something that can help you expand your notions of how you can adjust to life as it gets tight.

In the mean time,If you are interested in getting your self-talk to talk nice instead of dirty, I recommend you buy my book How to Like Yourself Now (to Survive). It involves an exercise of collage that you control. You get what you do at the end.

How to Like Yourself Now (to Survive) will enhance the exercise in the next book.

Sketches Away,


P.S. These are unsigned and untitled as they are sketches and not finished pieces. Larger pieces will be made from these. Please do not use these photos as your own.

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