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Libra Moon Trine Cancer Sun for June 28-29 2020 (astrology, tarotscope, spiritual work)

Libra Moon Trine Cancer Sun for June 28-29 2020 (astrology, tarotscope, spiritual work)

This is a general reading, however it works best if you look at your natal chart to see where your signs lay. For example I have Cancer ruling my first house and Libra ruling my 4th so this reading influences my first and fourth house. As a general rule, Cancer rules the 4th house and Libra rules the 7th house. If you don't have a natal chart, the reading can still be used to determine astrological energies. Take what resonates and if the message doesn't fit I know there are other messages that will. Let's get started!

#blacklivesmatter--Favorite Black Owned Businesses, Erin Condren Talk, H...

Here I discuss what I have felt about the #blacklivesmatter movement. I feel it is so important for Black voices to be heard and for White voices to be aware of their impact on the Black community. Question to White People reading this post. Have you listened? Have you opened your heart to the cause?

I also discuss Black Owned Business's, Black Owned Non-Profits, and Black YouTube Authors who have helped me feel the pain that I wouldn't have understood, I still can't understand completely as I'm white, however, I stand with the Black Community. I want to do my part to help the Black Community Stay Alive.

This one video is the tip of the iceberg. I know there's much more to be done.

Check my Instagram @sketchwriterjess to see posts regarding #blacklivesmatter during this crucial time. Please check out the resources I have provided, such as for Non Profits, that you can donate to if you feel so moved to help the cause.

Take Care and Blessings

Jessica Berck Hensley

Angel Message Tarot Reading January 13, 2020

Hi everyone,

This is an Angel Message Reading in regards to Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn on January 13, 2020. This affects Capricorn Season and much more ahead…

This reading has 5 cards, three game pieces pulled and two crystals at the sides to create the spread.

Decks used:

Angel Prayers Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray

The Spirit Within Tarot by Steven Bright

Across the Universe Playing Cards by NASA

Angel Prayers shows what is on everyone's mind. The Spirit Within shows what symbols people are visualizing. Across the Universe by NASA shows who can benefit most from the message of the reading.

Dream Tarot Reading: Karmic Relationship Cycle, Talk of being a medium and ending karmic cycles

Hi everyone,

This reading is eye-opening. It's about someone who is questioning why they are in karmic relationships and why they are avoiding a relationship full of love and respect that they deserve.